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Crane Construction


We founded NINE Properties out of a pure passion for people. Our goals, our ambitions, our inspirations, all come together to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud to be a part of.

​NINE Properties is a Developer & Contract Builder Specialising in House Building, Refurbishments, Extensions & Luxury Epoxy flooring for Residential & Commercial Property

We go above and beyond your requests to keep you coming back for more. Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we offer, and get in touch with any questions.



Our wide range of services and commitment to client success have earned us an impeccable reputation in the industry

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A lifespan that lasts longer than many other types of flooring.

It will protect surfaces against abrasion, turbulence, corrosive fluids and extreme temperatures.

Tough to scratch or damage, capable of enduring heavy traffic and impact.

With the correct preparation, epoxy coatings can be applied onto many, many surfaces such as industrial flooring, retail floors, commercial floors, automotive shop floors, restaurant floors, warehouse floors and many more.

Capable of providing a surface that is not only durable but also looks good.

It has very fast application times compared to other surface coverings.

It allows for one of a kind unique designs, catered to the customer's desires

House Frames


Design and create your dream home. We at NINE Properties offer house building from planning to implementation and will bring your dream home to life.

Refurbished Kitchen


NINE Properties are a team of highly skilled architects, interior designers, builders and tradespeople all dedicated to ensuring that your home becomes every inch of the dream home you’re after. If your project involves flat or house renovation in London and you’re looking for a team with an eye for detail, a passion for precision and a commitment to quality of finish, then contact us today for your refurbishments needs.

Cottage House


NINE Properties specialise in a wide variety of successful bespoke home extension projects in London; designed to expand your space and breathe new life into your home, inside and out. With a home extension London, you could make more room for a growing family or add value to your property. Our extension designs are drawn up with your needs in mind and our qualified, experienced home extension builders will bring your ideas to life.

Brick Construction


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